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Curious about Climate Tech?
We are hiring a SwiftUI App Developer!

Tini Scientific is a startup building ocean data networks faster, bigger, and cheaper. We are looking for a developer to finalize a mobile app that logs environmental data and athletic performance from surfers and open-water swimmers wearing the Apple Watch Ultra. This work will be funded by $5,000 of a grant to turn smartwatches into low-cost tools for coastal environmental monitoring by logging water and wave conditions with the onboard sensors (temperature, pressure, motion, and location). You will be working closely with the science team while completing construction of the prototype and during beta testing of this app. Success in the role will be submission to Apple’s App Store, accompanied by primary consideration for future roles on the team.

This is a fully remote position with no in-person obligations.

Job responsibilities​

  • Finalize an app in SwiftUI for WatchOS that logs environmental data for surfers and swimmers, with a companion iOS app. 

  • Optimize a framework for capturing and storing data onboard the Apple Watch Ultra with Core Motion, Core Data, and CloudKit.

  • Create exportable CSV and/or JSON data files from each data collection session within the app.

  • Work closely with company founders to improve app UI/UX.

Competitive candidate qualities​​

  • Experience developing iOS and watchOS apps.
    Proficient in SwiftUI.
    Advanced knowledge of iOS frameworks, such as Core Motion, Core Data, and CloudKit.
    Experience with data management.

Interested? Send a brief intro, your resume, and a link to your portfolio via LinkedIn or email.

Tini is proudly a women- and LGBTQIA2S+-owned small business.
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